Interactive decripting with gpg

To interactively unencript files (such as those provided by EGA) which have been encripted using a single password with gpg, here how to do it

files=`ls *.gpg`
for f in $files
    qsub -b y -cwd -V -l h_rt=4:00:00 \ 
    gpg -d --no-tty --batch --passphrase-file passFile.txt -o ${f%.gpg} $f

In red the command to use the queing system, in blue the gpg options

-d = decompress

–passphrase-file = name of the one line file with the password to use. Not the most secure way, but better than providing the password to the command line

–batch = use batch mode

–no-tty = do not send to tty. to use together with –batch and the queing system

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